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Classic Fit Covers

Car Cover FAQ's

Should I purchase an "Indoor" or an "Outdoor" Car Cover?

Let's start by explaining that when we designate a cover, such as our Onyx, for indoor use only it's because the material will not withstand inclement weather or provide significant UV protection. If their vehicle is always "garage kept" most owners will choose the Onyx cover due to it's ease of installation, removal and storage, the "feel" or "softness" of the material and it's "body-hugging" properties. Outdoor car covers, on the other hand, are made from materials designed to offer protection from inclement weather, bird droppings and the sun. Both our MaxTech and Wall (Corvette Only) materials offer that type of protection for your vehicle. And of course an Outdoor Cover can always be used indoors too. 


Are your outdoor covers waterproof?

No they are not, and if you are told that a car cover is waterproof that information is most likely incorrect. All car covers must be able to "breathe" so any moisture that finds its way under the cover has a means to escape. If a cover was completely waterproof and moisture remained trapped for any significant length of time the result will almost always be damage to the paint, metal or chrome on the vehicle. That's why using a tarp you would typically find at a hardware or department store is never a good idea to cover any vehicle you care about for an extended time period. Additionally, any cover that is exposed to moisture due to rain, snow, etc. should always be removed from the vehicle at the earliest opportunity and allowed to thoroughly dry before reinstalling


What is the difference between a Custom-Fit and a Universal-Fit Cover?

A universal cover is made so that it can be used on as many different types of vehicles as possible. They are most often sold by size, usually a length, width and height measurement, and not to a specific vehicle type. They will provide protection for the vehicle but not a visually pleasing appearance. Custom-Fit Covers, like the ones available at Classic Fit Covers, are designed to follow the contours of your vehicle creating a much better fit and a more attractive looking result.    


Can I wash my car cover?

Yes, all covers offered by Classic Fit Covers can be washed. We recommend that you use one of the large, industrial washing machines, most often found at your local laundromat, with a very mild detergent, such as Woolite. All car covers should then be air dried, never put one in a home or industrial drier after washing. Once the cover is completely dry you may place it back on your vehicle.  


How do I install my car cover?

The best way to install your new Classic Fit Cover is to begin at the front of your vehicle and work to the back. Place it over the front bumper first. Then, if your cover has mirror pockets (almost all Classic Fit Covers do), put your outside mirrors into the pockets. Unfold the rest of the cover and pull it over the rear bumper of the vehicle. Finally, walk the perimeter of the car and pull down the sides so that the cover is extended properly from side to side. If you are using an outdoor cover you can also install a tie down cable (included with all Classic Fit Covers outdoor covers) using the centered grommets on either side. This will help prevent flapping of the cover under windy conditions. 


Why is there dust on my car when I remove my cover?

Much like clothing, all car covers slowly deteriorate over time. This process can, on occasion, result in a fine layer of dust on areas of the vehicle depending on the length of time between removals. This is a normal occurrence for car cover materials that breathe properly as described above. We recommend purchasing a good vehicle duster, such as the California Car Duster available through many on-line retailers, to use in these instances.